Word from the Pastor

The word from the Pastor

Dear Saints in Christ,

I realized Sunday after Church, just how important we are to the world, we are to be salt and life, grace and truth, peace and love to a world that doesn’t know Jesus or His ways, we do and this should be evident in us all.

Sunday after Church, both Sam and I went to Sainsbury’s to grab a few things for dinner. As we approached Sainsbury’s there is a car inconveniently parked with its sidelights flashing, yet no one is coming to the aid of the person in the car, so we parked the car, Sam went into the shop while I went to see how I could help, it is a middle-aged lady with no phone or way to start her car. She is a touched distressed, so I ask her what is up and it is evident that the car will not start.

I get into her car and realize her battery is pretty flat, thankfully I have jump-leads and we eventually get her car started, by this time Sam comes over and allows the woman to use her phone. Thankfully the lady was able to get home.

What is really sad is the amount of people who drove passed her or went into Sainsbury’s, yet no one came to her aid, it was obvious that she had broken down and was in distress.

In Matthew 5:16 Jesus said, in the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

We were able to let our light shine, I gave her one of my cards with the Gospel on the back and asked if she would let me know when she got home safe and sound.

This is all about us being different, being salt and light, being available to bless. This is a command from Jesus, not just a suggestion. I know as Christians to a non-Christian woman we stood out from the rest, we were light in her dark moment and although I never shared the gospel, I gave her something with the gospel on for her to read.

So my encouragement for us all is to keep on shining the light of Jesus, for His glory. Let us be salt and light in every situation we find ourselves. We are light bearers, bringers of good news. So let us do all we can to let our light shine before all people, that they may see our good deeds and praise our Father in heaven.

Love and God’s blessings Archie

Word from the Pastor