Next Steps

Where do we go from here?

Perhaps you have had the opportunity to take a brief look around this website and you’re thinking about what to do next.  Here are some suggestions…

1. Talk to us about any questions or struggles you have.

You don’t have to come to church in order to do this. Meet up with us for a free coffee and a chat.

2. Consider what it actually means to follow Jesus

Christianity is not about a set of rules we have to follow.  Instead it is all about having a personal relationship with God. We do not enter into this relationship by trying our best to be a good person.  We enter into it through putting our faith in Jesus Christ.  Find out more here.

3. Think about joining a Christianity Explored course which we run for enquirers

This free course has so far been used to help many thousands of people in this country to discover more about who Jesus is and why he came.

4. Determine to join us at a church service one Sunday

We don’t bite and we won’t ignore you just because you happen to be new.