What We Do

Serving Bodmin with the Gospel

What does a church ‘do’?  A genuine Christian church is a local expression of the body of Jesus Christ. In other words, we continue to do in this body what Jesus Himself did in His own Body – preaching the gospel and sharing the love of God in our own community, bringing a greater awareness of the need to enter the Kingdom of God.   Our purpose in serving Bodmin is to challenge people in our community to ‘rethink God’ and discover for themselves the life-changing experience that an encounter with Jesus brings.  The following ministries outlined below enable us to meet this purpose:

Support Groups

We regard our support groups as vital for spiritual growth, encouragement and discipleship. Presently we have four local mid-week gatherings we like to call Community Groups which facilitate our aim to nurture and develop those on the journey towards maturity in Christ.   We also hold specialized groups for men, for women and for young people.


Teaching includes the Preaching of God’s Word and the provision of prepared lessons as part our dedicated Children’s Ministry which takes place during the Sunday service.  Preaching from the Bible enables us to hear collectively what God has communicated to us and encourages us to apply those teachings to our daily lives as we live out our relationship with Christ.  Sermons preached at BCC are regularly shared between the Pastor and experienced seasoned preachers capable of helping others to understand the Scriptures.


The church runs courses for those interested in discovering more about Jesus through Christianity Explored and a nationally acclaimed programme called Christians Against Poverty (CAP) which is a money management course aimed at helping people to budget their money more effectively.

Beyond our borders…

We are pleased to support a small number of dedicated missionaries from our church who are currently serving in other countries.