Core Values

 GCC Core Values 2015

God has called us to be –

  • A church where the Holy Spirit’s power, enabling and direction are constantly sought through believing, corporate prayer
  • A church where discipleship – growing learning and becoming mature in Christ is expected and embraced
  • A church where discipleship is lived out in genuine community,  in accountable, transforming relationship
  • A church where holiness of heart and life is the goal and hard decisions for Christ are embraced
  • A church where people are loved, valued, healed, equipped, and released into fullness and service
  • A church where every member discovers and walks in his gifts and ministry
  • A church which relentlessly and joyfully crosses boundaries of unbelief with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • A church which serves local communities,  bringing relief to the poor, comfort to the lonely and light to those in darkness, making an impact in a way that glorifies Christ.