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 What is CAP Money?

CAP Money is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works. This course will help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can save, give and prevent debt. CAP Money is a course devised by the award winning debt counseling charity, Christians Against Poverty.

What CAP Money teaches.

CAP Money is a three-session course that features DVD presentations by John Kirkby, CAP’s Founder and International Director, and Matt Barlow, CAP’s UK Chief Executive. During the three sessions you will learn:

  1. How to build and live on a budget. This is the cornerstone of managing your money well. The session includes advice on how to increase your income and how to cut costs.
  2. The CAP Money system. This system will help to simplify your money and make it understandable. It operates using three accounts for your money: a regular payments account, a cash account and a savings account.
  3. How to live from week to week using cash. Living on cash and getting away from cards means you know exactly where you are and helps you to spend less money. It’s statistically proven that you spend 33% less money when paying by cash rather than cards

By applying these three principles, you will learn how to manage your money, and live your life!

We as a a church are involved in running CAP Money Management Courses. These courses have won awards from the Times Newspaper and are also endorsed by Martin Lewis the UK money guru. The courses are free . Interested? Please contact Gordon & Janet Nash who head up this work from our church.

Interested? Email:  pasto*****@** for further details and to find out when the next course is running. You can also visit the CAP Money website:

CCAP aims to show God’s love in action by providing sustainable poverty relief through debt counselling, advice and practical help. CAP’s unique ‘hands on’ approach empowers people to help themselves out of poverty and be released from the fear, oppression and worry generated by overwhelming debts. We are providing sustainable poverty relief as our service teaches clients vital budgeting skills that will last a lifetime.

The charity operates through a growing network of UK centres, all opened in partnership with a local church. CAP began in 1996 when John Kirkby, armed with a £10 donation, started to help people in his local community who were trapped in debt. CAP was started in response to the debt problems seen everyday in the hope that CAP could prevent some of this debt misery. CAP Money has gone from strength to strength, and they have trained over 4,000 CAP Money Coaches to run the course in their communities. An average of 10,000 people benefit each year. It’s not a banking service. It’s not debt counselling. It’s a course.

The charity is now a fast-paced, growing organisation whose vision is to answer the national problem of debt in the UK by having at least one Debt Centre operating in every major town and city.

CAP aims to offer the best possible service to people who are struggling in debt, so we are always tweaking and making improvements. This is so important when people are plucking up the courage to make that first phone call and ask for help. Gordon and Janet’s care for people is the driving force behind the expansion of this debt help service. CAP operates through a network of local centres that provide face-to-face debt advice alongside the care of the local church. There are currently 218 CAP Debt Centres and they are pressing on to reach 500 local centres across the UK, so that anyone can access our service regardless of where they live.

For more details go to the CAP Website or email us

Open The Book Logo

Gordon & Janet Nash have for four years been part of a small team involved in OPEN THE BOOK  at weekly assemblies at Millbrook Primary School as part of a nationwide initiative to come alongside and assist hard pressed teachers. They seek to ensure that children in schools do not miss out on what the Bible has to show them as they could go through their entire school life without ever learning about Adam and Eve, Noah, David, Jonah … or even the life of Jesus and the stories of the New Testament.

Gordon & Janet are  volunteer members of a national movement called OPEN THE BOOK, which offers a programme of themed and dramatised Bible stories at no charge to the schools. So the children in Cornwall schools near here have the opportunity during Collective Worship to discover all the wonder and wisdom that the Bible can offer! Each session is around 10 minutes long and fits comfortably into assembly times.

Gordon & Janet seek to use  drama, mime, props, costume – even the children and staff themselves – to present Bible stories in ways that are lively, engaging, informative … and great fun for everyone involved!

OPEN THE BOOK began in Bedford in 1999, where a group of Christians first started presenting Bible stories in school assemblies. They were so well received that they were asked to return – again and again. Soon the word reached other schools and other areas, and OPEN THE BOOK began to grow from a local initiative into a much bigger national enterprise.. By 31st January 2012 there were 6,116 volunteers going into 1,175 schools.

Check out the OPEN THE BOOK Website