Pastor’s blog, Sunday 4th November, 2012

Pastor Jim Hillier
Pastor Jim

Dear Church,

Psalm 34 v 3 – “Glorify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together.

As I stated in my induction yesterday, thank you so much for the honest, sacrificial, and practical welcome I and my family have received.  We are always amazed at the amount of generosity and love from other Christians and it inspires us to be the same towards others too.  We are looking forward to serving you, and serving with you.

Many people have already asked me what I intend to ‘do’ with the church here.    “How will you develop the worship?  Will you lead an evangelistic campaign in Looe?  Will you re-structure the leadership?  Will you make pastoral visiting a priority?  Will you increase involvement with other churches in the area?”  They and all the other questions are good ones and it is right that they should be answered.  Anyone in leadership needs to have a vision, direction, be sensitive in church politics, be able to prioritise, and sometimes have thick skin!  It is my intention to immerse myself in the life of the church for the rest of the year and, as a good police officer would, to ask many questions.  In the New Year I hope to present along with the other leaders in the church, a more local vision for GCC Morval which will hopefully answer most of the burning questions that are in the minds of those concerned about healthy and God honouring Church life.  Thank you for your continuing patience.


However, there is no plan, no method or model, no policy or procedure however well-intentioned, which will be of any use if God is not in it.  If God, the glory of God and of His son the Lord Jesus is not the goal, then by default, we will be honouring only ourselves.  If God is not exalted and the reputation of His name honoured, we are doing nothing but running a charitable organisation.  If salvation is only received through His name and we are lifting up the name of Grace Community Church, then no-one will be saved.  In all I hope we will achieve together in the future, I invite you to “Glorify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together.”


Pastor Jim.