Pastoral letter 151



It is better to take refuge in the LORD

Than to trust in princes.

Psalm 118:9

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How could it ever be better to trust in the Invisible than in the visible?  How could it ever be better to trust in the Lord, whom you cannot see, and in whose Word alone you must plant your flag of faith, than in a man, a great prince, whom you can see, and whose wealth and power are plainly evident before your very eyes?


Imagine that a great prince was your friend.  Imagine that he took a special interest in you.


How many doors would fling open for you because of him?


How many opportunities would be available to you because of your favored position with your princely friend?


How many deliverances would be yours because of the power of his word?


Can’t you just imagine your sense of security and privilege?


Certainly such a friendship would inspire you toward:

* attempting the otherwise impossible,

*living a life which displayed the value which you placed in your princely friend,

*speaking of his goodness and spreading his fame everywhere.

Trusting in a prince would provide you with security, influence, wealth, favour, opportunity, and prestige.


Unless…The prince changed his mind about you.  Or you disappointed him.  Or he underwent a change in character.  Or someone bigger than that prince deposed your friendly monarch, someone who had no regard for you (Indeed!  The new man might even cut your head off seeing that you were friendly with the old regime!).


Trusting in princes is fine when all is well.  But times change.  Circumstances change.  Princes change.


Actually, you can take the word “princes” out, and substitute any range of words:



None of these are necessarily evil.  But none are capable of providing ultimate security.  They, in the end, finally, must, and will,  all fail you.


So, our Psalmist informs us, from personal experience, that it is actually better to take refuge, that is trust in, the Invisible God, than in even the greatest, most powerful visible thing (a prince) imaginable.


Why?  What is it about the Lord that makes Him a better hope than the best the world has to offer?  Just consider the following with me:


*The Lord is Everlasting.  A prince is temporary (Psalm 90:2)

*The Lord is Unchanging .  A prince is sure to change. (Hebrews 13:8)

*The Lord is perfect in His Holiness.  A prince is a sinner (Psalm 22:3)

*The Lord is perfect in His Judgments.  A prince is sure to make mistakes


*The Lord is rich in Mercy. A prince will run out of patience (2 Sam 24:14)

*The Lord brings all things to good. A prince has no such power (Romans 8:28)

*The Lord will never leave a child in shame. A prince may prove to have been

a foolish place to put one’s trust (Psalm 25)

*The Lord is Sovereign and cannot be deposed.  A prince can be taken down in a

moment (Rev 17:14)

*The Lord will never leave you or forsake you. A prince will someday let you down (Hebrews 13:5)

*The Lord understands all our weaknesses. A prince simply cannot (Psalm 103:14)

*The Lord understands our temptations and helps us.  A prince simply cannot

(Heb 4:15)

*The Lord will never weary of our coming.  A prince can get exasperated (Luke 18:1-8)

*The Lord is an Inexhaustible source of Grace.  A prince has a short supply (John 1:16)

*The Lord is close to the broken-hearted, and He saves those who are crushed in spirit.

A prince wants strong people around him (Psalm 34:18)

*The Lord strengthens the weary.  A prince wearies his subjects (Psalm 29:11)

*The Lord can do the impossible.  A prince cannot even always do the

possible (Jer32:17)

*The Lord gives His Life for His enemies.  A prince’s friends give their lives for him

(Romans 5:8)

*The Lord grants Forgiveness of sin and Eternal Life to undeserving sinners. A prince

has no such prerogative (Romans 4:5)

*The Lord knows what is best for you and is shaping all events for your good and His glory.
A prince cares not finally about any good but his own (Romans 8:28-39)

*The Lord has conquered death and grants Life and Immortality to all who trust in Him.

A prince will die and decay in the ground (2Timothy 1:10)

*The Lord is the Judge of all men, including princes.  A prince will give an account to

the Lord  (2Cor 5:10)


Indeed!  It is better to take refuge in the Lord, than to trust in princes!


I am so thankful for Jesus Christ.  I am counting on Him.

John Gillespie