our vision

Vision for GCC Morval April 2012GCC Morval

A brief summary of the vision for Morval  shared at the AGM.

All of these vision points should be read in the light of our vision principles.  Our current vision will develop and change as God leads us to meet changing circumstances; our principles are based on the unchanging Word of God.

Grace Community Church

We want to reemphasise community: being in community ourselves and on impacting the communities we live in. Our vision is in three parts: vision principles, goals and plans.  The principles are the ones we all signed up to at our Morval vision meeting in February.  They are a clear statement of what we stand for and a great foundation.  The goals are in 3 key areas

Community Groups

  • To increase their profile so that everything we do becomes in some way linked to small groups
  • To have every member of the church in a group
  • To increase regular attendance at small groups


  • To have every member commit to attending at least one prayer meeting regularly
  • To increase regular attendance at prayer meetings
  • To increase the quality and effectiveness of our existing prayer meetings


  • To equip members of the church to share their faith more effectively
  • To increase motivation of members to share their faith
  • To make evangelism more central to the life and ethos of the church

Our plans

Our plans (part 3 of the vision) are the detail of how we will go about achieving these goals.  We will be elaborating on the detail as we move forward together.