I’m a decent person – surely I’ll be fine?

“…most of us are pretty decent, reasonable and respectable people. But is that enough? Does that mean that God will welcome us into his perfect kingdom, and everything’s going to be fine?  Well worryingly, only if we judge by appearances.”  – Jon Cawsey  

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Going Deeper…

You can read more information related to the topic of this video in the Tough Questions section of the Christianity Explored website which, together with all featured videos in our Seriously Hard Questions, is produced by The Good Book Company.

More Answers…

For some excellent articles covering science and the Bible and in-depth answers to big issues such as evolution and millions of years, natural selection, this history of the universe, astronomy, fossils and more, we recommend searching the wealth of material available on the Answers in Genesis website:

Answers in Genesis


I’m a decent person – surely I’ll be fine?

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